DPML Station Application Profiles
Deployment Plans

A deployment plan is an XML document referenced as an artificat that defines the configuration of a station instance. The plan datatype declares a root <plan> element which contains zero or more appliance defintions. A plan is referenced as an artifact using the station command line tool.

Executing a Plan

The following command starts the station using plan stored in the users preference directory:

$ station startup local:plan:org/acme/sample

The following example plan includes three deployment entries. The first entry includes an externally defined appliance into the plan defintion. The second entry is an appliance defintion deriectly included within the plan defintition. Both of these example will result in the establioshment of a new jvm using the supplied process criteria and codebase. The third entry includes an part defintion (by reference) into the current jvm.

<plan xmlns="dpml:station" name="demo" title="Plan Demo">

  <include key="foo" uri="link:appliance:dpml/metro/demo-foo"/>
  <appliance key="bar">
    <info name="bar"/>
    <process startup="0" shutdown="0">
        <variable name="FOO" value="BAR"/>
        <property name="foo" value="bar"/>
    <codebase uri="link:part:dpml/metro/dpml-metro-sample?message=Bar"/>

  <include key="toto" uri="link:part:dpml/metro/dpml-metro-sample?message=Hello%20World&port=1024"/>