DPML Station Appliance Datatype
Appliance Datatype

An appliance datatype defines the configuration to be used in the establishment of a Java Virtual Machine. An appliance datatype is an XML document that contains a root appliance element. The appliance element contains an info block, a defintion of the configuration of the virtual machine process, and a codebase reference.

key A unique key identitying the deployment entry. Required if the appliance definitionis nested within a plan definition. Not required when an appliance definition is the top-level element (as is the case with an appliance artifact).
Nested Elements
info Descripton of the appliance.
process Java virtual machine configuration.
codebase The application codebase to be deployed on the virtual machine.

The following sample appliance defines a virtual machine configuration named hello, a virtual machine configuratured with two environment variables FOO and foo, and a codebase referencing a part defintion.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<appliance xmlns="dpml:station">

  <info name="hello"/>
  <process startup="0" shutdown="0">
      <variable name="FOO" value="BAR"/>
      <property name="foo" value="bar"/>
  <codebase uri="link:part:dpml/metro/dpml-metro-sample?message=Hello%20World&port=1024"/>