DPML Metro Station CLI
Station Command Line

The station commandline handler provides support for the startup and shutdown of a collection of background applications runing under dedicated virtual machines. In a production environment the station is normally setup as a background service (e.g. on Windows resources are provided for the deployment of the Station as an NT service). Applications handled by the station are declared under a station deployment plan.

$ station startup | server | info | shutdown | -help | -version
-help List help information and exit.
-version List version information and exit.
startup Start the station server as a background process.
server Start the station server as a foreground process.
info List information about registered applications.
shutdown Shutdown the station (implying shutdown of all applications under the control of the station).
Station Startup

The following commandline demonstrates the startup of the station using the deployment profile declared under the default value local:plan:dpml/station/default (a plan defintion stored in the local DPML preferences directory).

$ station startup
[2380 ] [INFO   ] (dpml.station): station startup
[3196 ] [INFO   ] (dpml.station): created local registry on port 1099
[3196 ] [INFO   ] (dpml.station.plan): commissioning plan
[3196 ] [INFO   ] (dpml.station.plan): plan commissioning complete
[2380 ] [INFO   ] (dpml.station): startup complete
Station Startup

Assuming a station instance is up and running, the following command trigger the establishment of a connection to the remote station and the iniation of a shutdown sequence.

$ station shutdown
[3776 ] [INFO   ] (dpml.station): initiating remote shutdown
[3776 ] [INFO   ] (dpml.station): remote shutdown request completed