DPML Station SCM
Station SCM

The Station Service Control Manager (SCM) provides support for the establishment of the Station as a NT system service with automatic deployment on machine startup. Once installed and started multiple applications can be managed using the Station CLI console.

Installing the SCM

The following command will install the DPML Station as an NT Service under the service name dpml (or just go to the share\bin\scm directory and double click on the install-DPML-SCM.exe file).

$ %DPML_HOME%\share\bin\scm\install-DPML-SCM
Starting and Stopping the Service
$ net start dpml
$ net stop dpml
Removing the SCM

The following command will uninstall the DPML Station NT Service.

$ %DPML_HOME%\share\bin\scm\uninstall-DPML-SCM
Techical Note

When using the Station as an NT Service it is recommended that you refrain from using the station startup and shutdown commands. If effect the NT service automates the startup of the server duirng the OS boot sequence and shutdown is handled duirng OS shutdown. Invoking a shutdown via $ station shutdown will result in the termination of the service process. If the $ station startup is invoked manually, an attempt to start the NT service will fail due a port conflict.