DPML Transit Local Protocol
Local Protocol

The local protocol handler provides support for artifact style references to content under the user's local ${dpml.prefs} directory.


The specification of the local protocol is as follows;


Type and name are required fields. The group and version field is optional.

type The type of the artifact - e.g. "properties".
group The group to which the artifact belong, so that naming conflicts can be avoided. It is recommended that the group is multi-leveled and slash separated, where the top level denotes the distinguishable name of the organization.
name The name of the resource.
version Optional opaque identifier.
Using an local URL

Using local URLs are no different from any http or ftp URLs. You create them by instantiating the java.net.URL class, and setting the protocol to "local" (no quotes).

The following example local URI identifies a resource named "standard" associated with the "org/acme" group, using a resource type "properties".


The above uri is equivalent to the following logical file path: