DPML Transit Content Handler Framework
Content Handlers

The Transit framework provides dynamic support for artifact content type handlers. The content type refers to the type field of an artifact uri. For example - the following uri declares an artifact with a type equal to "appliance".


When a client application resolves the content from an artifact URL, the Transit system attempts to locate a content handler supporting the content type of the artifact. Content handlers are located by resolving all services implementing the net.dpml.transit.ContentHandler interface, using java.util.ServiceLoader. Examples of content handlers included within the DPML suite include the following:

part An XML datastructure used to describe a classloader chain and object deployment strategy. The part datatype is used extensively by the DPML Metro component management platform.
appliance An XML datastructure used to describe an application deployment scenario - containing infomation for the configuration of a Java vertual machine. The appliance datatype is used extensively by the DPML Station application server.