DPML Transit XML Specification
Transit XML Remote Hosts Declaration

The transit hosts element may contain the declaration of 0..n remote host definitions. Remote hosts will be used to resolve requests for resource via the artifact protocol. Hosts will be evaluated relative the their priority settings.

id required The resource host identifier.
priority required An integer establishing the priority of the host. hosts will be evaluated in accending order (lower number means higher priority).
url required The URL referencing the remote repository root.
layout required The name of the layout scheme employed by the remote host (standard layout names include 'classic', 'modern' and 'eclipse').
enabled implied The enabled status of the host definition. The default value is true.
trusted implied The trusted status of the host definition. The default value is false.
index implied Relative path to an remote index file containing group names managed by the host. Default value is null.
scheme implied Authentication scheme. Default value is null.
prompt implied Authentication prompt. Default value is null.
Nested Elements
credentials Optional declaration of a username and password.
<transit cache="${dpml.data}/cache" layout="classic">


    <host id="dpml" priority="40" url="http://repository.dpml.net/classic" layout="classic"/>
    <host id="ibiblio" priority="70" url="http://www.ibiblio.org/maven" layout="classic"/>
    <host id="m2" priority="100" url="http://www.ibiblio.org/maven2" layout="modern"/>
    <host id="apache" priority="140" url="http://www.apache.org/dist/java-repository" layout="classic"/>