DPML Depot Build Templates

The Depot build system will assign a template file to a project as the primary definition of the build strategy. The default standard template includes a series of common targets covering initialization, preparation, build, packaging, testing and installation.

Template Selection

A project template is selected in accordance with the following rules.

  1. If a file named build.xml exists in the project base directory then that file will be used as the build template.
  2. Otherwise, if the property project.template is defined then use the uri declared under this property.
  3. Otherwise, if the property project.standard.template is defined then use the uri declared under this property.
  4. Otherwise, the default standard template is selected.
Standard Templates
name standard
url local:template:dpml/tools/standard
desription Defines a set of standard targets which are used primarily to fire build events which in turn are handled by project listeners.
Target Depends Description
init Project initialization including the establishment of the project context.
prepare init Copies the content of the ${basedir}/src directory to ${basedir}/target/build filtering content in the process. See prepare task for additional information.
build prepare Trigger the build phases event - typically triggering code compilation.
package build Trigger the packaging phases event.
test package Trigger the test phases event.
install test Validates that the build has produced the artifacts declared under the project defintion and copies these to the local cache.
clean init Deletes the ${basedir}/target directory.
Technical Note

Currently the standard template includes a checkstyle tasks. This should be considered as temporary pending development of the builder configuration to support site wide common targets.