DPML Depot Build Context
Project Context

A project Context is used internally with the build system as a convinient source of information relative to a target project. The context object provides access to the following project aspects:

Feature Description
project The current ant project.
properties Property values resolved relative the index file. If the property name is declared within the current Ant project then property value will be returned, otherwise the property value will be resolved relative to the library definition.
paths The context provides utility operations to resolve RUNTIME and TEST Path objects suitable for use with classic ant tasks such as javac, rmic, junit, etc.
resource The context object provides convinient access to the active resource (which may be a resource, module or project).
library The context object provides support for access to the central library thereby enabling access to the features and characteristics of other projects and resource.
directories The context provides a suite of operations supporting access to the base directory, src and etc directory, target directory, and related subdirectories.
Techical Note

Generally speaking you will not need to be concerned about a context object unless you are creating a new Ant tasks that leverages the common library or current project definition. A convinient base class that inherits from the org.apache.tools.Task class named dpml.tools.tasks.GenericTask provides support for the establishment of a context object.