DPML Depot Type Production
Feature-based Filter

A feature-based filter is a filter with a value resolved relative to a requested feature identifier against the current or selected project.

token The filter token (required).
ref Optional reference to a project or resource that the feature request refers (if undeclared the feature will be resolved relative to the current project).
id The feature keyword (see feature list below).
type Required when referencing a feature of type produced by a resource type (see feature list). The value refers to a resource type id declared by a resource or project.
Special URI Feature related Attributes
alias If true the artifact uri returned for the uri feature will be a link (assuming that the resource declares production of an link alias).

Available features are listed in the following table.

name The resource name.
group The resource group.
version The resource version.
uri The full artifact uri (requires type attribute).
spec Short form of uri. The spec value is equivalent to the uri with the "artifact:" protocol identifier (requires type attribute).
filename The filename of the final artifact that the resource represents (requires type attribute).

The following project definition declares four feature-based filters to be applied during project build.

  <project name="dpml-metro-component" basedir="component">
      <type id="jar"/>
        <include key="dpml-state-api" tag="public"/>
        <include ref="dpml/metro/dpml-job-api" tag="public"/>
        <include ref="dpml/transit/dpml-transit-main" tag="private"/>
        <include ref="ant/ant-junit"/>
      <feature token="NAME" id="name"/>
      <feature token="VERSION" id="version"/>
      <feature token="GROUP" id="group"/>
      <feature token="PART-HANDLER-URI" id="uri" type="part" ref="dpml/metro/dpml-metro-runtime"/>