DPML Depot Type Production

Projects, resources and modules can be associated with multiple types. The combination of a resource group, name, type and version is used to construct an artifact uri.

One or more type declarations may be added within an enclosing <types> element. The nested <type> element declares the type name under the id attribute. Optional properties may be declared as nested <property> elements.

The jar type is given special consideration when constructing classpath information. If a project is declared as a dependency of another project and that project declares that it is a jar type, then the referenced projects will be included in classpath constuction.

XML Attributes

The following attributes may be declared on a <type> element.

id The type identifier (required).
version Declaration of an link-based alias version If declared a link will be created with a version corresponding to the supplied value (a version in the form <major>.<minor> e.g. as 1.2.
alias Declaration of an an un-versioned link (may not be used in conjunction with the version attribute).
XML Nested elements
property 0..n Declaration of one or more properties associated with the type.

The following resource definition declares a single type with an id of "jar".

<resource name="ant-junit">
    <type id="jar"/>
      <include key="ant"/>
      <include ref="junit/junit"/>

The following project definition contains multiple type declarations. In this example the <part:plugin> type declaration is a case of a custom type defintion that extends the generic type element.

  <project name="dpml-metro-runtime" basedir="runtime">
    <info title="Metro Container Runtime">
      DPML Component management platform runtime container.
      <type id="jar"/>
      <part:plugin alias="true" class="net.dpml.metro.runtime.CompositionController">
        <part:param class="net.dpml.component.InitialContext"/>
        <include ref="dpml/util/dpml-logging-api" tag="public"/>
        <include ref="dpml/metro/dpml-metro-component" tag="protected"/>
        <include ref="dpml/metro/dpml-metro-model" tag="protected"/>
        <include ref="dpml/metro/dpml-job-impl"/>
        <include ref="dpml/metro/dpml-state-impl"/>
        <include ref="ant/ant-junit"/>
      <feature token="PART-HANDLER-URI" id="uri" type="part"/>
      <feature token="STATE-XSD-URI" id="uri" type="xsd" ref="dpml/metro/dpml-state" alias="true"/>
      <feature token="PART-XSD-URI" id="uri" type="xsd" ref="dpml/metro/dpml-metro-part" alias="true"/>
      <feature token="TYPE-XSD-URI" id="uri" type="xsd" ref="dpml/metro/dpml-type" alias="true"/>
      <feature token="COMPONENT-XSD-URI" id="uri" type="xsd" ref="dpml/metro/dpml-component" alias="true"/>