DPML Depot Property Task
Property Task

The property task can be used to assign a value of a feature of a magic resource or project to a named ant property value. The property creates a new property using the supplied 'name' and assigns to this property the falue of the requested 'feature' from the resource identified by the value of the 'key' attribute.

    <x:property name="spec" key="dpml-composition-runtime" feature="uri" type="jar" />
    <echo message="${spec}"/>
     [echo] artifact:jar:dpml/metro/dpml-composition-runtime#SNAPSHOT

Task attributes are described in the following table.

name true The property to which the value of the feature will be assigned.
key false The name of the project or resource that the feature request refers.
feature true The feature keyword (see feature list below).
type depends Required when referencing a feature of a resource type (see feature list). The value refers to a resource type declared by a resource or project.

Valid feature names supported by the property task are detailed in the following table.

name The resource name.
group The resource group.
version The resource version.
key The key the resource is referenced by in the project model (the index.xml). If no key attribute is given, the current project is assumed.
uri The full artifact uri (requires type attribute).
spec Short form of uri. The spec value is equivalent to the uri with the "artifact:" protocol identifier (requires type attribute).
filename The filename of the final artifact that the resource represents (requires type attribute).