Building the DPML Component Platform
Building the Platform
Environment Setup

To complete a full build will need to declare an environment variable HOME referencing a directory into which the installed DPML products will be placed duirng the bootstrap and main system build (e.g. C:\dpml). You will also need to include the %HOME%\share\bin in you system PATH.


The bootstrap procedure will build the prerequisite products needed to execute the Depot build tool. To initiate the bootstrap build you must have Ant 1.7.0 installed together with an SVN client.

Create a directory to hold the svn codebase (e.g. c:\dev\dpml\main), checkout the sources, cd to the main directory and invoke the bootstrap build procedure.

$ cd dev\dpml\main
$ svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/dpml/trunk/main
$ bootstrap
System Build

The main build procedure uses the Depot build tool which was created and installed during the bootstrap procedure. To initiate the build simply invoke the following command.

$ build