DPML Sponsors

The following companies and organizations have actively contributed resources to the Digital Product Management Library, for which we are very grateful. If you would like your company to contribute, please contact info@dpml.net for more information.


Home to one of the largest "collections of collections" on the Internet, ibiblio.org is a conservancy of freely available information, including software, music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies. ibiblio.org is a collaboration of the Center for the Public Domain and The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. ibiblio.org hosts the DPML web site, our resource repository, product archives, the DPML mailing lists and virtual hosting of the dpml.net domain. Ibiblio have been there supporting the DPML since it's inception and have recently extended their support to include web and virtual hosting of the OSM training content.

The Berlios project agrees to provide essential infrastructure services to the DPML as part of their ongoing commitment to world-wide open-source initiatives. Berlios resources supplied to the DPML include secure SVN, wiki services, bug tracking, and operations support.

License of Cenqua Clover for DPML development.
Clover is a powerful Java code coverage analysis tool. Clover instruments source code and then records precisely what is executed when tests are run. The detailed test coverage reports help developers easily identify areas where the testing is weak enabling them write better tests faster. Clover fits into a developer's environment, be it Ant, IDEA, Eclipse, JBuilder, JDevelopers, NetBeans, the command line, or any combination. Quaility Assurance and Project Managers can access important quality metrics over time via html and pdf reports. Clover provides test analysis to thousands companies and open source projects all over the world.

License of Atlassian JIRA for DPML development.
Atlassian supports our efforts by contributing their bug tracking and issue tracking application, JIRA, to our project. Atlassian is an innovative Australian software company providing enterprise software solutions to the world's leading organisations. Atlassian's leading software product, JIRA is a bug tracking and issue tracking application developed to track and manage the issues and bugs that emerge during a project. JIRA customers include departments from NASA, Boeing, Cisco, JP Morgan, 3M, BP, Sony and more. Try it for yourself today.

License of JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA for DPML development.
IntelliJ IDEA is an intelligent Java IDE intensely focused on developer productivity. It provides a robust combination of enhanced development tools, including: refactoring, J2EE support, Ant, JUnit, and CVS integration. Packaged with an intelligent Java editor, coding assistance and advanced code automation tools, IDEA enables Java programmers to boost their productivity while reducing routine time consuming tasks. IntelliJ IDEA functionality is continuously extended by IDEA users and third parties. Check out our categorized list of more than 100 plug-ins at the IntelliJ IDEA plug-in repository.
Permission has been kindly granted by Eldorado for the use of images and icons in the content of this site and our desktop applications. Since 1998 Everaldo Coelho has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, doing from general illustrations, comics and child books to corporate design and many other creative areas. Currently, he is the art director at Yellowicon Studio.